Why do we have a separate cart system on www.csChristian.com and blog.csChristian.com?
Aren’t these the same site?

Well, yes and no!

The main online store site (www) does a great job of presenting you with the mainstream books, Bibles and more. Products are loaded automatically there so we can give you a great, up-to-date selection of products.

The blog site (blog.cschristian.com) allows us to add items that you might not normally see at any other Christian store. We look for things that you have told us you would like. We can add items like:
– wind chimes
– exclusive T-shirt designs
– Special offers that we’ve found in the marketplace
– and more!

I wish the two sides of the same store could have one unified cart. But, both carts are very secure and should function well for you – as long as you know they exist.