Burn!  Not a good thing on the first day at the beach!

Burn!  Not a good thing when my kids take a verbal shot at my balding head!

Burn! Very good thing when we’re talking about a collection of Christian music so great the selection can’t be beat!

Even burning in the sense of music or DVDs can be a bad thing – when it’s not legal.

At Cedar Springs Christian Store, we have the rights to a very large collection of Christian music, movies, art and MORE!  All of this is very legal, fast, created while you shop and you own the rights to the music once it’s downloaded.

I love this option much more than purchasing a download of music that I have to worry about where it’s stored and how can I reach it?  Passwords! Ugh!

Take the created CD home, pop it into your laptop or desktop computer and copy it there.  Now you can download it to any device you want.  It’s yours!  And you’re not limited to one or two devices.  Your whole family can enjoy it as often as they like.

If you’re a musician, singer, worship leader – Check out our  Most Popular Accompaniment Tracks.

You can either listen in store OR click a link to listen online at www.csChristian.com.