Ladies of the Manor- My New Favorite Series!

LOVE Downton Abbey?? What about books?? Yes?? Then you’ll love this recent series by Roseanna M. White!!! Even if you’re not a Downton Abbey fan, but you love historical fiction with just a tad bit of suspense and mystery, then you should love this series as well!

The Ladies of the Manor was my favorite surprise series from this past year! The first book, the Lost Heiress came out September 2015.  The Reluctant Duchess  (2nd in the series) at the beginning of April 2016 and FINALLY, A Lady Unrivaled (the 3rd in the series) came out in mid-September 2016. (haha, can you tell that I’m not very patient when waiting for new books?)

This is the fiction series that I love to recommend to everyone who comes in the store looking for a new author or series to try! It takes place in England in the early 1900s (pre WWI) and it follows the adventures (or more oftentimes misadventures) of a several different families and their friends from August 1910-March 1913.

product_lost_heiress_9780764213502In the first book, you meet Brook and & Justin as Brook is searching to discover who she really is and why her mother was murdered when she was a small child. The book is well researched, the character growth and development is fantastic and there is just enough of a mystery to keep you wondering how it’s all going to play out in the end! 

In the second book, The Reluctant Duchess, you are reunited with Brice, a good friend of Brook and Justin’s from book one as well as meeting Rowena, a Scottish heiresss who has never felt good enough for her father or anyone else, She is determined to escape out from under his influence in order to be able to live her own life, but it seems that just as she escapes from one type of danger, she ends up in another kind down in England. The mystery that began in the Lost Heiress is continued throughout this story as well, drawing you further into the characters lives as they struggle to learn what it means to live out your faith and to love your husband/wife the way that God has called us to in His Word.

The third and (and final as far as I know) book is A Lady Unrivaled and continues the storyline that has been previously laid out in the first  2 books. This one focuses on Ella (Brice’s sister from books 1 and 2) and Cayton (Justin’s cousin that you met in Book 1).

The author does a fabulous job of drawing you right back in the story and intrigue from the first two books while continuing to develop her characters in  very believable and yet at the same time surprising ways. I really LOVED the way that she brought it all around full circle and tied everything up so well at the end. It seemed pretty clear to me that this was the last book for this series, but I could definitely see her writing more about several of the secondary characters as well.

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