One Serious Bible Gift Set

My guess is that there won’t be many who are interested in this special Six-Volume Bible set. But, that’s exactly what makes this a special gift for the serious Bible reader or an edition for you to cherish for your own use.

Juxtaposed against the fast-paced, online media consuming world stands a work that will seemingly stop time to provide a simple and beautiful reading of God’s Word.  The ESV (English Standard Version) Reader’s Bible, Six-Volume Set is carefully crafted from cover to cover to give you exceptional experience like.

The video below is 7 minutes long.  That’s a little long for the average online viewing, I know.  But, this is a valuable-watch if you’re curious about the design and construction of this Bible set or if you would love to gain an appreciation for what goes into the construction of any Bible.

What’s so special about this edition?

The first and probably most obvious distinction is the volumes themselves.  The designers did not concern themselves with the constraints of cramming one more word on a line or one more line onto a page to conserve space and create a manageable volume.  In this set, the goal was purely readability which allowed the designers to space the text in the most comfortable way possible.  Reaching this goal demanded a multiple volume set.

The six volumes are logically divided as follows:

  • Pentateuch
  • Historical Books
  • Poetry
  • Prophets
  • Gospels & Acts
  • Epistles & Revelation

The layout is different in a Reader’s Edition than in most editions of the Bible.  Since the goal of a Reader’s Edition is readability without distractions, the sections headings (at least, most) have been removed.  Also, there are no chapter or verse numbers in order to allow for the flow of sentences as you would read from a letter or any book.  There are also no footnotes or references which are popular in most editions used for cross-referencing scripture passages.  You will find no helps in the back of each set other than an index to the chapters to help you find them.  But, there are no maps, harmony of the gospels, concordance, etc.  Just a very readable text of the Bible.

The typeface, with it’s 12 point font, is specially crafted to present a smooth reading experience. Trinité, the typeface used in this six-volume set was designed for optimal legibility and ideally suited for literary texts.


Most Bibles, in order to keep the size of the Bible to a comfortable, hand-size, use a very thin paper which is difficult to handle, turn and causes eyestrain due to the visual of the print from the opposing page.  The Reader’s edition uses soft and opaque paper imported from Sweden.














The binding process is climate-controlled, smyth-sewn and uses cold glue to maximum lay-flat reading.

Available in cowhide leather or cloth-over-board, these sets are collected by either a cloth-based or a Amish-made walnut slipcase.





The ESV Reader’s Bible, Six-Volume set is currently available in two editions:



Cloth over board

with permanent slipcase









Cowhide over board

with Black Walnut Slipcase







Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of each.

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